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3D Logic 2 3D Logic 2

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good sequel.

Good game. However, if you've been told that people have got stuck on certain level for more than 10 minutes, the difficulty is too high. Some hints should have been helpful which would appear when player would be 10 or more minutes stuck in one level.
I also discovered that there's a bug in level 16 (got stuck there and gave up after half an hour): No matter how I connected 1 of the pairs (tried all combinations), it made impossible to connect all other pairs.

Bubble Tanks Bubble Tanks

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Hmmm... :)

Very nice and a bit refreshing game.

Things needed for improving the game:
Upgrades for the tank ended too quickly. It would be nice if the tank would have even more levels of upgrades.

However, weapon upgrades should be adjusted accordingly. For an instance: In some circumstances, double-fire rate gun or triple gun is better than that big gun (especially against basic shooters). Big gun is a bit too unbalanced, except maybe for that biggest enemy. I think that the final weapon would be a combination of rate-fire, spread fire while the big projectile is launchd for every 5th or so click.

Bubbles should be also a bit bigger.

A little HUD would be nice which would include.
1. A minimap-like thing (showing enemy locations inside a bubble) and something that indicates your current position on the map.
2. A scoreboard.
3. Something that shows how much bubbles do you need until the next weapon upgrade.

P.S. How many different kinds of enemies are in the game in total? I counted over 8.

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HeroInteractive responds:

About 14 different enemies.

Bullet Bill 2 Bullet Bill 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Bullet flying in a high speed.

The game was fun to play. Nice for going to mouse-based navigation instead of the keyboard-based one.

First, the game could have been 30% more boring if there wasn't that great choice of music you used.

And now the rest:

Difficulty, for the most part, seemed just right. Some of the levels were difficult, (I was dodging like a mad to avoid the obstacles) but I still managed to beat some of them in the 1st try (like 8-3 for an example). That, however, doesn't mean that they should neither easier nor harder. It's also a nice touch that the level difficulty was greater in levels that required less computer preformance (desert levels for an example).
However, there were a few gameplay problems:
1.Sometimes it is all for memorizing. That goes for mainly hammer brothers in the castle levels (some of the hammers were difficult to dodge. For an example: to dodge the last hammer brother in 7-4, I had to go to the right side of the screen)
2. The giant chomp boss could have been easier. Maybe the flight speed slowed down by 30-40% or so due to the fact that you can't go to the right side entirely.
3. Mouse sometimes just goes off the screen. How about adding an option where a red dot or something like that indicates where your mouse is? That could be also useful for placing the bullet after dying.
4. Those fireballs in the last boss stage were too hard to catch.

It would be nice of you could make little indicators or something for end-of-the-level flags which, when hit, give you a good amount of points.

Glad you fixed the menu. It was a pain in the back before.
I'd suggest that next time you use level unlocking and save mode instead of level codes. However, then you have to be especially careful so people don't get stuck at certain point(s) of the game.

Overall it was, to play. Could be nice if I could hit Mario next time with a Bullet Bill. ;)

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Trapped 5 Trapped 5

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I have played you previeous trapped series and other games, too.

This is a great sequel and I enjoyed that, altough some parts were a bit hard. Luckily I found out quickly, that you must use the enemy turret's lasers to kill the final boss.

I would have died less often (did it 12 times), but:
1) As the menu warned, enemies sometimes pushed me to the corner. Maybe they could make a bit room when you are at the corner after they have hurt you.
2) Enemy squares don't go back to their place when I leave the room. This especially annoying and dangerous when they are in front of the door.
3) First boss sometimes stick it's 'tounge' out 2 or 3 times in a row before you can escape.

I strongly suggest to make a sequel, but before that: BLOBS2!

Ball Revamped: Metaphysik Ball Revamped: Metaphysik

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great style and concept!

Levels: 125
Deaths: 110
Time: 480

Grade 100%

Some levels were a bit tricky [laser levels(were no problem) and high gravity levels (a bit *ahem* larger problem)]. Also make it so that the first second after respawn death count dosen't rise if you collide on something. Most of deaths were on gravity levels (wall close to respawn point) and later boss levels (too many rising cubes, most 'deaths' because one of the block was inside the respawn point). But that was much better than previous series. I especially enjoyed those dark levels with fading walls.

PS: I hate coconuts for a week now!

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Onslaught! Onslaught!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Whoa!! So much fun!

Nice style, graphics and sound. I tried 'true onslaught' magic and died in third level. This game is very balanced altough some magics are a bit too strong.

I like the idea that you can defend the castle with second player.

Some suggestions:
1) Bomber would get bonus points by killing many enemies with one bomb and maybe the bomber would have a special attack, too.
2) I hope that in next version, even third player could join to defend the castle (more players, more fun).
3) Make it so that you could earn more magic with survival mode by beating certain time limits.

And keep up the good work!

Weaksauce responds:

Michael: Third level with "True Onslaught" is quite impressive. Your suggestions are very good, but the 2nd one would just not be practical. The way that the game runs now is very taxing on the computer, and adding a third player, although fun, would most likely make the game play suffer greatly. Good idea, but we would need to have a much simpler game to do it. And how many people can you crowd around a keyboard anyway? Thanks for your review.

Bouncy The Ball Bouncy The Ball

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Could be improved, but has a good potential.

Tips: You must hit the final boss 8 times. ( A bug. Health meter stays on 50% for one time you hit it.) You don't have to jump on it, just move quickly below the UFO as soon as it stops shooting that green thing. If UFO's health is dropped down to 30% the floor collapses. Now he flies at you. Just let it approach close enough at you and it turns white. Quickly move away (or you get killed) and the boss loses 10% health. Continue the process until it's dead.

Things that should be improved in the next version:
1) Improve collision arenas! Currect ones are not good. For example, jumping over a pit full of fire can still cause you to lose health.
2) Get rid of unavoidable obstacles! Also there could be more, but slower moving meteors to make things more fair.
3) You should replace minuscoins to coins that give more points than ordinary ones. Also you should add coins into each level, not just some levels.
4) Add more health items different types of enemies (maybe you could destroy them by jumping on them and you would get some points)
5) Improve graphics.

But keep up the work and sorry for bad grammar.

Naked Melee Naked Melee

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Let's see now...

Something original. Nice little game. Loved the graphics and sound. Now I'll explain why many people can beat it with 'superman' mode easily.
This game depends too much on computer's speed. Of course the person with slower computer can win because as he/she places enemies, the game slows down and that will explain how many people can reach more than 150 troops. This game works full speed for me and I somehow managed to place 38 troops on the battlefield but thats it. And I clicked as I could. Now if you can place more than 150 troops on a field with those 4.5 seconds without the game slowing down, you'll have to make more than 30 clicks per second. 8-O
Overall: Nice.

Inverse Shoot'em up Inverse Shoot'em up

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I always wanted reverse 'shoot 'em up' game, however, If you play 2-player mode then somehow the helth of the objects in front of that plane is decrasing automatically.

To others: If you are really looking for challenge, try insane mode in high-end computer. Then you are not so good at all.

The Dead Case The Dead Case

Rated 5 / 5 stars


The characters and the backgound(reminds a bit illwillpress) looked great. However, I didn't like that 'gate' and green wall effect and lack of sound effects. The story was very interesting and kept me entertaining until the ending which was pretty OMG, too.

Some tips to players:
You see a red spot in school's playground. One of the candles goes there.
After you have talked to all ghosts for the first time, talk to libarian ghost about resarch. Then read the books on the table. Then you can give eyes to sad ghost.
You don't have to write down names. When it's time to search names with computer, then names will appear to books on the table in libary.
When the sad ghost has given a doll to girl, the green ghost has dissapeared and church ghost is dissapeared too, go to the top left corner of the map to 'meet' church ghost again.

I really like to see more of your work. Sorry for grammar.

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